Radial Run Out Gauge Dial Indicator Style

Radial Run Out Gauge Dial Indicator Style
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  • Item #: TRU-BAL RRG-1940-1
  • Manufacturer: TRU-BALANCE
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Price $328.51

Radial run-out is an out of round condition in which the radius of the wheel or tire is not consistent from the wheel center to any point on the rim or the tread.

Radial run-out is measured by placing the run-out gauge against a smooth section of the tread near the center of the tire and then rotating the wheel and tire by hand through one complete revolution.

What makes the TRU-BALANCE run-out gauge different from the tools of the past is its simplicity. With the older gauges there were numerous adjustments that needed to be made to get an accurate reading. With this gauge there are only two.

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