Brake Drum Spacer Set

Brake Drum Spacer Set
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  • Item #: TRU-S-1707-G
  • Manufacturer: TRU-BALANCE
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Price $35.49

Our Brake Drum Spacers center the universal brake drum with the wheel stud. These spacers eliminate the brake drums from moving and clocking.  

They can be used with the Centering Pins as well as the External Centering Sleeves.  

We now offer spacers for rear brake drums as well .

* 1/2” thick Gunite brake drums
* Brake drum #'s; 107164, 107507, 107862, 107453, 10001781, 10001783, 10005331, 10005332
* Centers the brake drum hole to wheel stud
* Zinc plated

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